Internship and Volunteer Opportunities


  • Assist staff in maintaining the seed nursery and with grafting of plants
  • Conduct on-site short blocks of training courses on integrated organic agriculture and it’s benefits which last between 3-14 days
  • Research nutrition facts and incorporate new foods into the seed nursery and trainings
  • Assess the skills and resources of St. Jude and it’s clients develop potential income generating activities (IGAs) involved with agriculture


  • Background in agriculture or environment
  • Experience conducting trainings
  • Strong research and assessment skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Innovative, creative and flexible
  • Knowledge and skills on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health
  • Gender and any other cross cutting issues

We are not actively recruiting interns at the moment, but if you feel you have the above skills and could benefit from a placement with St. Jude, please complete the form below.


Volunteers are welcome to stay at St. Jude from two weeks to three months.  Duties can vary, but we particularly need volunteers with experience in technical support, fundraising, communications and marketing, and expertise on trainings for topics with our local school projects, women’s groups, and youth groups, including organic and permaculture gardening.

Past volunteers have came from the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Uganda, and the U.K.

You can work and stay with us for two weeks to three months, help make plans for trainings, and we will help transport you to and from the field, with assistance from our staff in translating and providing materials.  We shall include three meals and two tea times, as well as a modern apartment hostel for your accommodation.

To apply for an internship or place as a volunteer, please complete the form below.