Who we are

St. Jude Family Projects (St. Jude) is a story of vibrancy and innovation in response to the need for sustainabe livelihoods for small-scale farmers in Uganda. The Kizza family has led by example, turning their small farm into a demonstration that has inspired thousands of visitors over the years. What was a family farm is now a Ugandan NGO with tremendous potential to go on and have a great deal of impact in its promotion of integrated organic farming. It was registered in 1997 under registration certificate No.S.5914/2000 with Uganda Non Governmental Organization Board under the ministry of Internal Affair.

St. Jude is located in Busense village, Masaka district, south western Uganda, approximately 12 kilometres off Masaka-Kyotera road.

St. Jude has maintained high standards in both its demonstrations and training, adapting to the dynamic changes in community needs and unpredictable weather. It has consistently embraced new techniques, and developed new training to pass these on to the community. St. Jude has also given birth to Masaka Organic Processors, which now runs as a separate and viable business under St. Jude’s guidance, drying and marketing fruits from farmers in the surrounding area.

St. Jude’s Purpose

To empower rural farming communities in Masaka, Rakai, Ssembabule and Mpigi districts through advancing the practices of integrated organic agriculture; and provide a meaningful learning experience for any one interested from elsewhere.

Program areas

St. Jude plays its part in working towards making rural areas a better place to live in, a place that young people want to remain in, instead of migrating to urban areas. More specifically related to our purpose, we want to see healthy people eating diverse and healthy food with reliable income.

St. Jude works with communities by building on and strengthening existing resources, whether they are tangible ones like natural resources or intangible ones such as indigenous knowledge. Our aim in working with communities is to nurture a culture in which farmers are continually learning from each other for sustainable livelihood.

St. Jude believes strongly that the environment should be maintained for future generations while using it productively now. We encourage environmental conservation through promotion of sustainable, organic agriculture practices as an effective way of utilizing locally available resources for agricultural production, which are also beneficial to the environment.

Administrative structures

Day to day activities are headed by one of the founding directors – Josephine Kizza (Mrs.) assisted by supportive staff of 12 employees who include 6 senior trainers / extension workers, an Accountant, a Secretary, a farm Manager and other farm employees.

The Board: St. Jude is governed by a board of seven members, four women and three men, that decides on the strategic direction of the organization. The board is the supreme policy maker and also approves budgets, financial reports and takes on contract agreement decisions.

Network and Partners

St. Jude has established strong collaborative partnerships with different government bodies and NGOs in the past, including;

  • District departments of Agriculture
  • National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS)
  • Makerere University-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture
  • NARO
  • Send a Cow Uganda,
  • National Organic Agriculture Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU)
  • UN-Habitant
  • Rotary Foundation
  • JICA
  • Peace Corps
  • Caritas
  • pelum Uganda